Welcoming Raffy

Dec 23, 2019

Splunk is a company that deals with big data analysis. Sophos provides tools that secure your network. Splunk generated just under $1 billion in revenue last year. Sophos stock has increased 145% YOY (year over year). The common denominator to both these high-tech giants? Raffael Marty, who just joined the Vicarius Advisory Board.

An advisory board is an integral part of a startup's success. It consists of a group of experienced individuals who help the CEO make decisions and provide advice on an assortment of different things - an entrepreneur could hire a lawyer for additional legal advice. What makes Raffy a valuable addition to the team?

Raffael Marty

After serving as the Chief Security Strategist at Splunk, Raffael founded his own data company - Loggly, that uses cloud technology to deliver information instantly to customers. Founded in 2009, they successfully raised $33.4 million in investment, currently have over 10,000 customers, and were just acquired by SolarWinds - a major player in the data sphere.

Raffael then went on to found a second company - PixlCloud that are "building the next generation data visualization application" (Reference). Founded in 2009, they were listed on the Q2 2015 Cybersecurity 500 list of the worlds "hottest and most innovative cyber security companies" (Reference)

Albert Einstein once said that "the only source of knowledge is experience". Mr. Marty has experience in both working at successful tech ventures and founding them - he, therefore, possess extremely valuable knowledge about success in the high-tech world.

As Vicarius ventures into the shark-infested waters of the competitive startup ocean, they can be confident of a smoother ride with Raffy on (the advisory) board.

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Lior Lugassy

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