Meet Arik Roztal, Our New Advisor

Dec 23, 2019

Malcolm Gladwell presents a revolutionary theory to explain mastery - to be an expert in a specific field you need to put in at least 10,000 hours of work. Arik Roztal boasts a whopping 157,680 hours of experience in the hi-tech world, and Vicarius is thrilled to welcome him to the team.

Arik Roztal

To jog your memory: the advisory board is a collection of smart and savvy individuals that help the CEO make decisions and provide advice on an assortment of different things. What qualifies Mr. Roztal?

As previously mentioned, Arik has 18 years of experience as VP of sales at numerous startup companies. He's worked at Kaymera and Cybertinel (acquired by CyberArk), both big names in the Israeli hi-tech sphere. Mr. Roztal also served as the Director of Sales at NICE, a software powerhouse that generates over one billion dollars in revenue a year.

The reason that U.S colleges consistently top the worldwide rankings is that they aim to broaden educational horizons beyond the chosen subject. This is because well-rounded people are more successful and creative because they can draw on multiple sources of inspiration.

Arik has spent considerable time at some of the finest companies in the world, he's worked with members of the Vicarius team at a previous venture before, and he's an amateur Judoka.

We look forward to Mr. Roztal's diverse set of skills propelling Vicarius forward.

Written by

Lior Lugassy

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