Vicarius and i2ss - Safety First

Dec 23, 2019

Cybersecurity is crucial for any industry, but so is where you get your cybersecurity solutions. Not only do you want a team that can deliver, but also a team that cares about your safety. 'Safety First' is what the team at I2 Sistemas y Seguridad Informática (i2ss) always have in mind when they provide safeguard information security to their clients.


Vicarius aims to fight cyber threats before they can be exploited. Why wait until there is an issue when you can proactively remove the problem? We have partnered with i2ss to help us ensure the safest process to providing our clients with high-quality cybersecurity efforts. i2ss guarantees continuity in operations and a safe IT infrastructure.

Michael Assraf, CEO & Co-Founder of Vicarius "I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with i2ss to ensure safety and trust for our clients and I'd like to thank i2ss CEO Pedro Velez for helping see through this partnership."

About Vicarius 

Vicarius is the first company in the world to detect software vulnerabilities before they become an issue. When companies buy software, they don't have much control over the vulnerabilities that come with it. That is why Vicarius has taken the responsibility of protecting software against exploitation. But unlike other cybersecurity companies, Vicarius doesn't need the source code, to install a patch or involve the vendor.

Vicarius is already protecting dozens of organizations worldwide with the powered platform, Topia. It's a complete and automatic solution for secure management of any software services in their network -- Never waiting for a vulnerability to be exposed to make a move.

About I2 Sistemas y Seguridad Informática

i2ss is a company driven by people who have a passion for IT security and move towards innovative solutions that guarantee the continuity of operations by protecting the IT infrastructure and most importantly, the security of information. With over 20 years of experience in government, education and private companies, i2ss does not stop at finding ways to keep cybersecurity services to the maximum, while protecting the confidentiality and keeping the balance between the needs of their clients, team and partners.

Written by

Roi Cohen

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