Meet David, The Anonymous CISO

Dec 23, 2019

David is a CISO for a fast-growing startup that allows customers to consolidate all their bank information and investments in one application to easily monitor their financials.

Even though David’s customers are happy and feel safe knowing that their sensitive information is secure, David is not. He is responsible for the entire organization’s security, working non-stop to ensure there are no vulnerabilities that could cause a breach in the system, which would be catastrophic for the company.


David's Dilemma

With so many possible threats, it’s getting difficult for David to take care of everything at hand, including:
  • Prioritizing vulnerabilities
  • Continuous patching
  • Look for hidden threats

No matter how hard he tries, he just doesn't have the right software for cybersecurity protection. Knowing he could be working much more effectively and efficiently, David becomes frustrated and worried about his organization’s safety.

David thought to himself -- if only he could find the right software to assist his work -- a solution that could help protect his software from exploitation in real-time across his organization’s digital landscape.

Vicarius To The Rescue

Enter Vicarius' TOPIA, a complete and automated platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to secure any software in the network, while alerting CISOs on preemptive actions that can further secure the system. This is what David has been looking for. He is now able to MAP & prioritize the company's cyber threats and deal with what matters, filtering out the noise, REDUCE at least 95% of the organization’s risks, and ACT without hesitation with patchless software protection.

David is now the hero at the company -- his actions allow for rapid user growth while building customers' trust, and without operational friction. So he can finally enjoy his coffee instead of constantly putting out fires.

Written by

Lior Lugassy

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