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Dec 23, 2019

In today’s world of technological innovation, the cybersecurity industry is still failing to properly secure organizations against exploitation, which makes software exploitation a growing epidemic:

  • There are 1,000 new software vulnerabilities every month.
  • According to the US Department of Defense, 90% of them are exploiting one or more software vulnerabilities.
  • On average, it takes 180 days to patch a single software vulnerability.
The labor-intensive work of managing software inventory, tracking down — and then patching — vulnerabilities, hasn’t really changed for the past 15 years. And these old-age processes are causing organizations to have:
  • Unpatched high-priority vulnerabilities
  • High levels of risk within a company’s security
  • Exploitation before threats can be addressed


What Makes Us Different?

With [Vicarius’ TOPIA](https://vicarius.io/), we are tackling an old problem using intelligent algorithms and machine learning. Our goal is to protect software from exploitation by using innovative solutions for vulnerability management and software maintenance by breaking the detect-patch-detect cycle. Believing that the disruption of this industry is imminent, we:

MAP software vulnerabilities, either known or unknown, by automated binary code analysis
REDUCE risk by prioritizing vulnerabilities based on your business context
ACT against threats before they become an issue by either patching or patchlessly protecting software

Vicarius’ mapping capabilities include:

  • Proactively spotting vulnerable weak points in any binary software, including end-of-life and sealed binaries
  • Aggressive machine-learning algorithms stay up to date with the most current threats and continuously improve based on malware execution behavior
  • Software inventory CVE matching
We reduce the number of vulnerabilities that are critical to deal with by:
  • Providing valuable information on exploitation probability that is derived from REAL data instead of just connecting the dots
  • Understanding software’s importance according to the organization’s business context and asses the probability of potential exploitation
  • Providing new data and risk factors that are tailor-made for the organization

Lastly, we act by:

  • Eliminating collateral damage by avoiding unnecessary patches
  • Providing patchless protection with 0% downtime for mission-critical applications, aswell as patch management for vertical updates across the organization
  • And lastly, instead of trying to patch everything, we understand and act against what puts the organization at REAL risk

Thankfully, the 15-year old process for cybersecurity has finally been given a makeover. An organization’s digital landscape can be a much more secure, agile and productive environment, within minutes of implementation.
We are Vicarius. We MAP, REDUCE, and ACT against software exploitation.

Written by

Yossi Ze'evi

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