The Wolf Pack is Growing 🧠🐺

Jan 14, 2021

The pack just got a little larger 😎


Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce the newest addition to the team...

giphy (4)

Orna Mints-Dov!


Orna is the new Active Chairman of the Board (woot woot!). She’ll be making sure the pack stays intact and will be a key member in maintaining the cohesiveness of the leadership and core teams. Orna’s unique and valuable wisdom comes from co-founding and guiding two startups from inception to acquisition: Sabratec and Intellinx, Ltd. Intellinx is a leading provider of cyber fraud and risk management solutions that protects organizations from internal and external fraud and data theft. With Orna leading the helm, Intellinx was later acquired by Bottomline Technologies. Coming off a string of successful acquisitions, (kind of like winning the Super Bowl back to back), Orna’s guidance and insight will be instrumental in the future success and growth of Vicarius.

Bon Voyage!

Written by

Michael Assraf

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