The Wolf Pack Keeps Growing 😅🐺🧠

Jan 21, 2021

Say it ain't so! (Oh, I'll say it! 😜)


Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce another new addition to the team...

giphy (5)

Clayton Fields!


Clayton is the new Vice President of Sales, but his expertise extends far beyond the thrill of closing a deal. Clayton brings a deep understanding of the most pressing and pertinent problems facing the world’s security teams. A trailblazer by nature, he enjoys working with early-stage startups to change how CISOs, IT managers, black hats, and white hats think about computer security. Most recently, Clayton served as the VP of Javelin Networks, a cybersecurity startup that protected organizations from Active Directory-based reconnaissance and lateral movement attacks. With his strong leadership and unique ability to forge a resilient sales strategy, Clayton played a significant role in the future acquisition of Javelin Networks by Symantec. Now he is looking for his next challenge and is determined to change how security teams assess and manage their vulnerabilities. We are thrilled to have Clayton on the team, where his leadership, experience, and technical knowledge will lead our expansion into new markets. 

With the two newest members of the pack and a vaccine on the way, it's shaping up to be a stellar year! 

That’s it for now. Bon Voyage!

Written by

Michael Assraf

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