Vicarius and Advanced Vision IT Announce Partnership

Jun 18, 2020

Vicarius is excited to introduce our newest partner- Advanced Vision IT!

Advanced Vision is a team of IT Experts in different technology domains and Business Professionals, who will be bringing Vicarius and our platform TOPIA- to the European Market! Being active in Bulgaria, Luxembourg, and Malta, we are excited to continue expanding our wolf pack! Advanced Vision IT offers responsible ICT Services and Solutions that can help in the areas of computer networking, system administration, system integration, network security, and cloud security. With this service and Vicarius's all-in-one vulnerability management platform- protecting critical apps and assets against software exploitation, we can create a bigger solution designed for CISOs, managed security service providers (MSSPs), and IT administrators, ensuring a regulatory compliance and military-level cyber protection. 

Network Security is one of the key aspects in protecting all personal data that is within a network. This is why  it is a crucial element to keeping your network safe. At VIcarius we believe that our services will keep your network safe, and risk-free with our patch-less vulnerability management and assessment. Our Platform TOPIA provides real-time insights into your organization's risk-level with contextual scoring that prioritizes threats based on their severity.
 "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Advanced Vision IT, a leading cybersecurity service provider having many years of experience in the market. Yavor Zlatev has proved to be an amazing partner, and with Advanced Vision IT we're excited for the opportunity to assist even more organizations securing their software from vulnerabilities and exploits”                     
-Roi Cohen VP Sales and Co-Founder of Vicarius


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Written by

Roi Cohen

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