Vicarius Raises $24M Series A Round

Feb 09, 2022

Today, I am extremely proud to announce that Vicarius has closed a $24M Series A funding round led by AllegisCyber Capital with the participation of JVP and AlleyCorp. 

The past two years have presented us (and the rest of the world) with some difficult challenges to say the least. We’ve had to adapt to the new realities of WFH and the resulting practices and technologies that emerged in its wake. No industry changes faster than IT, and while it is a thrilling ride, it can also be quite chaotic! 

We (Roi, Yossi, and myself) have always believed in making things simple, particularly in our industry where there are so many subcategories and products competing for everyone’s seemingly endless pocket book. We don’t think adding noise to a market that’s already at 11 is going to do anyone any good. Our philosophy is that we should not be in the user’s way, giving them the power, autonomy, and functionality to make their jobs easier and more enjoyable. In other words, we are laser focused on cultivating product-led growth.


Product-led growth (or PLG as the influencers call it) is the cybersecurity product model of the future. Gone are the days of legions of SDRs sourcing deals, acting as the gatekeepers of the user’s experience with the product. This is neither sustainable nor the correct way to deliver value to the market. As with any good technology company worth its weight in salt, the product speaks for itself. When we made the transition from sales-heavy outbound user acquisition to PLG-led inbound acquisition, we saw a rapid increase in visitors and conversions. It turns out, self-serve is something users really like. Anyone up for a trip to the salad bar? (RIP, 2021)

Customer Feedback

By making our product self-serve, we were able to get users excited about using it and engaged with the features. Sometimes it’s hard to hear, but customer feedback is the most important pearl of wisdom to improve our product, especially with the PLG route we’ve taken. It has created a conversive and collaborative nature, bucking the trend of large and established security companies ignoring their product viability and user experience. Security products must be flexible and adapt to the conditions of non-physical on-site implementation and decentralized networks. Who better to let you know the job you’re doing than the sysadmin or CISO?

A Growth Spurt

Sometimes I stop and think, gee, how did we start from a small team to now over 25 employees?! We hit a massive growth spurt this year, doubling our team and adding very talented and ambitious engineers, developers, and designers to the wolfpack. It’s been a truly humbling experience building this team, and I’m always reminding myself of the responsibility on my shoulders. It’s no easy feat, but one that keeps me focused and determined to remain accountable to those around me. I am in awe of what we’ve been able to accomplish in just a few years. And there’s plenty more on the horizon.

What’s To Come

We have some exciting projects in the near future that will transform the way security professionals interact with each other. Vicarius is a company built by security professionals for security professionals, and that will always be our guiding principle. We remain deeply committed to building the most advanced vulnerability remediation platform on the market. But our vision is much broader than that. We want to fundamentally change the way security teams experience SaaS-based cybersecurity products. We believe in a future of collaboration where we all benefit from sharing vulnerability information, customized scripts, and strategies for keeping attackers at bay. We are stronger together and I’m really excited where the new frontier will take us. 

It’s been a wild ride and this is just the beginning. 

Bon Voyage.


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Written by

Michael Assraf

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