We partner with those who share our mission of fostering a safer global digital landscape.

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Our Partners


Infinyt is proud to partner with Vicarius. Infinyt is dedicated to providing information security services and solutions with a focus on fraud prevention, digital identity, data protection, and cybersecurity. We believe that security must be transparent, easy to deploy and maintain a balance between business risk and cost.


DigiSec360 is a cybersecurity firm that provides extensive cybersecurity services, such as cybersecurity awareness training, vulnerability assessment and managed security services. DigiSec has partnered with Vicarius with the mission of empowering organizations to manage their cybersecurity efforts effectively and build cyber-threat resilience.


Founded by security visionaries, cybersecurity experts and legal advisors, AMATAS’S mission is to help organizations understand their vulnerabilities and make security decisions and investments. AMATAS is proud to partner with Vicarius in order to provide our clients with the world’s leading cyber-security solution.


Wise is an international company, based in Israel, providing technological consulting, distribution of unique products and services in the fields of information technology, security, and system infrastructure.


i2ss is a company driven by people who have a passion for IT security and move towards innovative solutions that guarantee the continuity of operations by protecting the IT infrastructure and most importantly, the security of information. With over 20 years of experience in government, education and private companies, i2ss does not stop at finding ways to keep cybersecurity services to the maximum, while protecting the confidentiality and keeping the balance between the needs of their clients, team, and partners.


DReA is an Italian company providing enterprises and SMEs with best of breed infosec technologies and services. With DReA, expect to experience a low cost of ownership, diminished complexity to manage and long term protection of investment. Knowing that the world is constantly changing, DReA understands that every investment in technology should have the capability to overlap a couple of technology cycles. With over 25 years of experience, DReA avoids wasting time and money on yesteryear solutions.


SolvIT Networks is a Romanian software company founded in 2005. The founding members brought in their rich experiences with the latest technologies, with the purpose of creating a company that will provide cutting edge solutions, will emphasize on quality and will rely on its highly professional team. Today SolvIT is a fast-growing company committed to providing complete, cost-effective and reliable solutions to its clients.


EverSec Group is a boutique cyber-security solution provider, with the focus, dedication, and understanding that gets lost with larger outfits. EverSec’s expertise in the emerging security landscape – whether that be advanced threats, end-users attack surface, or up-and-coming solution providers – is unparalleled. With well over 125 years of real-world experience, the EverSec team brings unique exposure to our clients.

S4 Apps

S4 Applications is a cyber-security solution provider formed in response to a glaring gap in the market for EMEA businesses looking to leverage some of the world’s leading vulnerability assessment and remediation solutions.


Secrutiny was founded by three people – all veterans who came to realize there is much confusion in the industry… tools were often overly complex, misconfigured and isolated, and adding further ‘layers to the security onion’ at significant cost was not the answer. Through responding to 300+ incidents, they learned the way to help organizations NOT to be breached is to support them in achieving better security and risk reduction with what they already have; adding capability, where necessary, based on evidence and risk appetite.


Ingecom is a value-added wholesaler of IT security and cybersecurity solutions. We provide tested and approved solutions to security and cybersecurity integrators. We are constantly in touch with new technologies, in such a way that any technological evolution can be applied to our clients as soon as possible.


Since 2001, NetSec is supporting its clients with cutting-edge technology in the areas of Cybersecurity, Network Monitoring and digital signature solutions. We provide our services in Chile and outside of Chile, either in person or remotely. We partner with the leading companies in their areas.