06 Jan 2023


6.1 Medium Severity

Canarytokens is an open source tool which helps track activity and actions on your network. A Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability was identified in the history page of triggered Canarytokens prior to sha-fb61290. An attacker who discovers an HTTP-based Canarytoken (a URL) can use this to execute Javascript in the Canarytoken's trigger history page (domain: canarytokens.org) when the history page is later visited by the Canarytoken's creator. This vulnerability could be used to disable or delete the affected Canarytoken, or view its activation history. It might also be used as a stepping stone towards revealing more information about the Canarytoken's creator to the attacker. For example, an attacker could recover the email address tied to the Canarytoken, or place Javascript on the history page that redirect the creator towards an attacker-controlled Canarytoken to show the creator's network location. This vulnerability is similar to CVE-2022-31113, but affected parameters reported differently from the Canarytoken trigger request. An attacker could only act on the discovered Canarytoken. This issue did not expose other Canarytokens or other Canarytoken creators. Canarytokens Docker images sha-fb61290 and later contain a patch for this issue.

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