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Purpose-built for the Security Community.
Turn security conversations into remediation actions.
vsociety is the open, independent, and user-centered community with features built specifically to make vulnerability research shareable and actionable at scale.
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Swap tactics, learn new techniques, or read about a new post-exploitation attack. Knowledge at your fingertips. Nice.


Solve problems with other researchers in the community or start a new project. Lean on the power of the collective.


Swap tactics, learn new techniques, or read about a new post-exploitation attack. Knowledge at your fingertips. Nice.

share knowledge, find answers

Putting power back in the security researcher’s hands. The bad guys have long collaborated with one another on various corners of the web. The security community is overdue for a space of their own. Free from vendor influence and fiercely independent, vsociety is available to all who wish to make the digital world a safer place.


become the elite (1337)

Excellence isn't just a trait—it's our identity. Every vulnerability unearthed, every script crafted, every exploit developed brings us one step closer to being the cyber elite. We don't just aim to be good; we relentlessly pursue to be the best.

unity in diversity

Behind every success is a community of dedicated researchers, constantly sharing, learning, and questioning the status quo. vsociety isn't just a group—it's a brotherhood, a gathering of minds, propelling each other to new heights, unified in purpose and vision.

sharpen your spear

Learn new techniques, expand your skills, build your research portfolio, and more. vsociety are where the elite hackers are born and bred.

build your brand

We believe in the power of self-marketing and provide ample opportunities to put you in the spotlight. Participate in streams, watch podcasts, and chat with friends from around the world in our Discord. Your journey with vsociety isn't just about personal growth—it's about global recognition.

dollar dollar bills, y’all

You develop, analyze, debug, and research, and we pay! Some companies don’t accept vulnerability reports or assign CVEs for them. If your research is valid and legitimate, we will accept it, publish it, and reward you for it.

why join vsociety? Fair question.

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The platform itself is remarkably user-friendly, making it accessible to both beginners and experts alike. But what truly sets vsociety apart is its awesome community, who support and inspire each other on a journey of continuous learning and exploration in the world of information security.

Jakab Akos

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vulnerability with no assigned CVE

New, vulnerability with no assigned CVE ID or previously-unpublished research, including PoC/Exploitation with video, debugging, code review, and patch diffing.

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CVE analysis

Original, thorough in-depth analysis of CVE vulnerability, including an explanation of PoC/exploitation, debugging, code review, patch diffing of the vulnerable software and the vulnerability

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novel exploit analysis

New, previously-unpublished PoC and Exploitation for N-Day, or CVE Vulnerability, including video and explanation of the exploitation.

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Develop remediation and detection scripts for vulnerabilities, including a video of the detection or remediation script, and explanation of the script.

*Contact prior to publishing to qualify.

what ppl say

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When I joined the community, I expected to contribute my knowledge, but what I received in return was immeasurable wisdom. vsociety is not just a team; it's a close-knit family of security nerds. Together, we hunt down vulnerabilities, solve unique challenges, and cultivate cutting edge research.

Basant Singh

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