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Turn security conversations into remediation actions.
vsociety is the open, independent, and user-centered community with features built specifically to make vulnerability research shareable and actionable at scale.
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Swap tactics, learn new techniques, or read about a new post-exploitation attack. Knowledge at your fingertips. Nice.


Solve problems with other researchers in the community or start a new project. Lean on the power of the collective.


Swap tactics, learn new techniques, or read about a new post-exploitation attack. Knowledge at your fingertips. Nice.

share knowledge, find answers

Putting power back in the security researcher’s hands. The bad guys have long collaborated with one another on various corners of the web. The security community is overdue for a space of their own. Free from vendor influence and fiercely independent, vsociety is available to all who wish to make the digital world a safer place.


currently trending topics

currently trending topics


Fight the Bad Guys

The ethically-challenged have long collaborated on tactics, techniques, and procedures to wreak havoc. It’s time we collaborate to counter their BS.

Help the Little Guy

Enterprises large and small deserve access to the most accurate information for securing their networks. A company’s pocketbook shouldn’t dictate how secure they can be.

Expand Your Network

Collaborate with other security professionals and connect with like-minded peers in this niche of an industry.

Sharpen Your Spear

As much as we want you to share your own expertise, we want you to expand your own knowledge by learning from the experience of others.

Build Your Brand

Like the music industry, the security world is built around independent contributors. We’re invested in sharing and magnifying your work.

Dollar Dollar Bills, y’all

Have original research to share? We’ll pay you for it. Help others learn valuable techniques and get paid for your research.

Why join vsociety? Fair question.

why to join why to join why to join

why to join why to join why to join

what ppl say


vsociety is a long-overdue community concept in security. I joined to contribute, but have been most surprised by what I've learned from others in the group. Super collaborative and friendly user-base with incredible security experience.

John K.

create, earn, connect

create, earn, connect

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novel research

New, previously-unpublished research, including identification of new exploits, proof of concept, zero-day, or remedies to all of the above.


technical breakdowns

Original, thorough breakdown of published research, including analysis and demonstration of a PoC, known exploits, or hacking techniques.

*Contact prior to publishing to qualify.

what ppl say


The best threat actors out there are acutely aware of the collective and shared component that is crucial in this immense field. It is through this teamwork that they manage to evade even the best of us. Thus, it ought to follow that we as the Infosec community should band together and share our intel, knowledge, and resources. vsociety is the perfect platform to facilitate such interaction.

Nikola K.

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