FAQs. We have answers.

Is vsociety a vendor community?

Absolutely…not! No vendors are allowed on vsociety. We do not want them flooding our community with “solutions”. (That’s fine, they can throw a temper tantrum.)

What are you really up to here?

We love skepticism and expect nothing less from this community! But seriously, we’re just providing a platform for security professionals to collaborate on solutions and share information, free from vendor influence and easily consumed, vetted, and documented for the broader community.

What happens to my research after I share it?

It collects dust in the cloud (kidding, kidding). Your research is publicly available and you retain all rights and ownership in perpetuity.

But, uh, why not just post to Twitter or Substack?

Well, you can, and we’re not going to stop you. But, let’s be honest, who’s reading email newsletters these days? And yeah, Twitter has thousands of security researchers and a thriving community. But it’s very limited in its design to accommodate research and serve the security community’s needs. And it’s Big Tech. F that.

What if I have unique/novel research to share?

Contact us first at info@vsociety.io – if your research is novel, you could be in for a bigger pay-day and more magnification. Let’s shake things up.

B*tch better have my money.

That’s not really a question, but ok.

Who is Vicarius?

Idk, ask Jeopardy?