16 May 2024


An authenticated local attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could insert and run arbitrary code using legitimate B&R software's. An Uncontrolled Search Path Element vulnerability in B&R Industrial Automation Scene Viewer, B&R Industrial  Automation Runtime, B&R Industrial Automation mapp Vision, B&R Industrial Automation mapp View, B&R Industrial Automation mapp Cockpit, B&R Industrial Automation mapp Safety, B&R Industrial Automation VC4 could allow an authenticated local attacker to execute malicious code by placing specially crafted files in the loading search path. This issue affects Scene Viewer: before 4.4.0; Automation Runtime: before J4.93; mapp Vision: before 5.26.1; mapp View: before 5.24.2; mapp Cockpit: before 5.24.2; mapp Safety: before 5.24.2; VC4: before 4.73.2.

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