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Autonomous Vulnerability Remediation

Remotely & Automatically Mitigate Threats in Your  Operating Systems Operating Systems

Reduce Risk

Eliminate vulnerabilities
& minimize risk

  • Keep your organization OS and third-party applications updated
  • Stay protected with virtual patching until a vendor patch is available
  • Cloud-first, cloud-ready remediation for all endpoints and OS in a WFH environment
  • Simplified security breach detection and remediation
Increase Productivity

Maximize vulnerability management efficiency

  • Consolidate vulnerability assessment, prioritization, and remediation
  • Automate routine app and OS updates to save time
  • Increase cross-collaboration between IT and Security teams
  • Create and manage teams with flexible user management
#Why topia

Efficiently Reduce Organizational Security Risk

TOPIA is a cloud-based cybersecurity vulnerability management suite that empowers you and your team to combat vulnerabilities and the overwhelming, ever-evolving threats of today.ֿ
Efficient risk reduction is essential to a successful organization. With hundreds of new software and OS vulnerabilities detected each month, the average time it takes to remediate threats is 205 days.
With TOPIA, your security teams get smart prioritization and safe remediation – with or without a security patch. Anticipate security breaches with TOPIA’s powerful vulnerability management tools.


Fully Integrated Suite for Risk Reduction

With TOPIA, you get continuous vulnerability assessment and efficient remediation.

As a unified, cloud-based and cost-effective solution, TOPIA simplifies traditional vulnerability management so you can identify security breaches and eliminate threats before they are exploited. And unlike other cybersecurity software, TOPIA is user-friendly, intuitive, and adapts to your organization.

We are a cybersecurity company that believes in innovation. If cybersecurity is your problem, TOPIA is the solution.


TOPIA Solution


Full Asset Visibility in One Place

Take control of your digital assets with TOPIA’s comprehensive features. Get an exhaustive cloud-based catalog of active servers, workstations, installed applications, and operating systems, and stay in control of all asset activity in real-time for on-premise and cloud environments. Run a network scan with TOPIA’s Nmap script to get full coverage and visualization of your network.


Real-Time Contextual Prioritization

Focus on vulnerabilities that have a real probability of being exploited instead of solving problems that don’t exist. TOPIA prioritizes software vulnerabilities using CVSS base metrics and an AI-based contextual usage risk-scoring engine. Get comprehensive coverage of your digital environment’s security status with a contextual and personalized threat analysis.


Keep Your Assets Up to Date

Integrated patch deployment tools cover Microsoft, Linux, Mac and 3rd party applications from the same dashboard to efficiently target all risks. TOPIA allows you to quickly test and install patches across your organization’s assets while maintaining transparency between departments. Plan ahead with scheduled one-time or recurring patches. Equip your IT and cybersecurity teams with the tools they need to work together and succeed.
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Close Security Gaps

As a cybersecurity company, Vicarius wants to help you eliminate threats before they impact your security hygiene. TOPIA’s Patchless Protection reduces the risk of a security breach, even if a patch isn’t available. Using in-memory protection, TOPIA deploys a force-field around vulnerable applications, so you can keep unpatched applications safe.

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Automate Your Risk Reduction

Threats don’t take time off, but you can. TOPIA’s auto-actions enable automatic threat mitigation and response. With auto-actions, you can automatically: update single or groups of assets, deploy patches based on severity, and even set scripts to run a network scan with Nmap in response to predefined triggers.

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Multiple Threats. One Solution!

TOPIA cloud-based cybersecurity software continuously analyzes vulnerabilities, prioritizes threats, and protects vulnerable assets. A single security breach can lead to disastrous financial fallout and mar your business reputation. Actively identify security breaches and act against application exploits with TOPIA’s advanced tools.




# Analyze
  • Real-Time Asset Threat Analysis
  • Real-Time App Threat Analysis
  • Visualized Dashboard of Your Network Scan
  • Overall Network Risk Analysis
# Prioritize
  • Auto Prioritization Engine
  • Asset Risk Analysis
  • xTags ™
  • 0-Day Analysis
# Act
  • Auto Action Powerful Engine
  • Real-Time Security Patch Management
  • Patchless Protection ™
  • Recommended Treatments
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    Oren Ben Shalom

    Security Team Leader

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    Oshri Cohen


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    Roberto Martinez


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    Russ Giggey

    Worldlink-us Infrastructure Specialist

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    Yossi Gross


  • Ivo.png

    Ivo Dimitrov


  • Stefania.png

    Stefania Costa Cirillo

    IT Manager

  • Robust Visibility, Centralized Solution

    Topia provides visibility on my security posture when it comes to patch management and exposed vulnerabilities across the organization. It is key to have a central solution when there is an update that needs to be installed immediately on all endpoints.

  • Merge Security & IT to Remediate Threats

    Vicarius’s TOPIA enabled Adama to centralize and consolidate work between IT and security teams, leading to a more efficient patching workflow.

  • Simple and Effective Protection

    Not only is it easy to use, but it's also a solution I can trust to protect my company from vulnerabilities. Within a few minutes, the agent is deployed across my assets, and I get an immediate understanding of where I need to direct my patching efforts.

  • Vulnerability Remediation Made Easy

    This is a great program. It's easy to use, has a great GUI interface, and keeps all the Windows machines updated.

  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Platform

    We were looking for a vulnerability and patch management platform that was easy to deploy and lightweight. We decided that TOPIA was the way to go and have been satisfied with its performance so far. TOPIA enables us to work more efficiently. Vulnerabilities are assessed and remediated all with the same interface. And their support team is exceptional, attentive, and professional.

  • Close Patching Windows to Reduce Exposure

    Vicarius's advanced technology was able to protect us during the most vulnerable moment in our patching cycle. TOPIA kept VIP Security safe between patching windows with its proprietary Patchless Protection™ technology.

  • Straightforward and Easy

    Vicarius's proactive solution was able to predict threats across our organization faster and better than any other solution. TOPIA's cloud-based environment provided Telit with immediate feedback on their remediation efforts, critical for the new work-from-home (WFH) paradigm.

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