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Internal and external threat prioritization by contextual factors

Threat analysis and prioritization isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. CVSS scores don’t consider your organization’s unique infrastructure. Contextual factors play a much larger role in the overall threat of a vulnerability than other risk management solutions take into account.
TOPIA’s xTags give you a real-time, contextually based report that highlights the real threats so your IT and infosec teams can confidently prioritize risk remediation.
Know the real threat with TOPIA’s xTags.

Contextual Protection

Each xTag defines a contextual execution property of an application on an asset. xTags™ help prioritize threats using context-based properties like prioritization parameters, access authority and activity status in order to determine the risk level of every application and asset in your organization.


Which Apps are patchable?


If exploited will it expose the asset to a DOS attack?


Which Apps are actually being used?


which of my Assets are communicating with the DMZ and by Which Apps?


does an App runs with a high privilege user?


Which Apps contain unknown vulnerabilities?


Which CVE's are popular over Twitter?


Which Apps vulnerable to new CVE's within the last 2 monthes?


Which Apps are vulnerable to known CVE's?


These apps indicate signs of potential vulnerable exploits.

How It Works

Software Structure Analysis

Because Topia understands the software components specific to the environment, it has the capability to derive risk assessments for each CVE.


Dissect Software Components

Topia associates the libraries, executables, and resources with each application.


Collect Contextual Data

Internal and external data feeds are gathered to contextualize the asset—who is using it, on which asset, and how?


Construct Risk Profile

A risk score is calculated based on the unique exploitation properties Topia found.


Start Closing Security Gaps

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