Patch Management

Remediate vulnerabilities quicker with our advanced, integral patch management tools.

TOPIA patch management fully supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. 
Patch vulnerabilities and deploy OS and software updates automatically and remotely.
TOPIA is an all-in-one, lightweight agent that covers all of your vulnerability management needs.
With flexible and easy-to-use tools that are managed from an intuitive interface, your IT and security teams will be able to get more updates deployed faster.

Simplify Patch Tuesday



It can be difficult to patch vulnerable apps across thousands of endpoints. TOPIA’s patch management allows you to update specific endpoints or applications at any scale according to specific triggers.

Patch Cycle Scheduling


Patch deployment can strain service and cause interruptions. With TOPIA, you can schedule patch deployments during off hours and planned downtime.

OS & Third-Party Apps Update


Deploy scalable updates to Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems across your organization. Ensure that your systems stay patched as applications are updated or installed with TOPIA’s comprehensive patch management.

Endpoint Management


TOPIA keeps a real-time tally of all endpoints and their applications across your organization’s digital infrastructure and reports which assets and applications pose the highest risk to your organization.

Server Patch Management


Avoid costly downtime and heavy traffic by keeping your servers and virtual machines up to date with TOPIA’s lightweight patch management system.

High Performance


Patch management is only useful if it doesn’t interrupt your organization’s day to day. TOPIA is an efficient and lightweight agent that delivers powerful performance without bogging down your IT infrastructure.

CVE Reports


Understand the threats your specific infrastructure faces with useful and detailed reports from TOPIA. Is a recently disclosed CVE a high priority? TOPIA can rate severity based on contextual information unique to your systems.

Events and Activities Log


TOPIA keeps track of all events and actions pertaining to patch management and vulnerability remediation. Demonstrate your team’s value with rich reports and audit your patch management process.

Vendor Severity Vocabulary

Critical Severity


Has deemed the problem associated with this patch to be Critical in nature.

High Severity


Considers the problem related to this patch Important to correct.

Moderate Severity


The related vulnerability is of Moderate severity

Low Severity


While it poses a security risk, TOPIA deems that risk to be Low.

Supported Apps


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