Continuously predict threats, prevent attacks and mitigate business risk.

TOPIA’s cloud-based vulnerability assessment tools continuously work to predict and protect against OS and third-party app vulnerabilities.


Patch Everything You Need

Automatically or manually install all prioritized updates for which a patch is available across your OS and Apps. Focus on the vulnerabilities that have a real probability of being exploited instead of solving problems that don’t exist.


Close Security Gaps

TOPIA’s Patchless Protection™ reduces the risk of a security breach even if a patch is not available. Using in-memory protection, TOPIA deploys a force-field around vulnerable applications so you can keep unpatched applications secure.


Enjoy Your Lunch Break

TOPIA’s automation capabilities, along with many other efficiency maximizing tools, streamline vulnerability management so you can enjoy your lunch break to its fullest extent. Rapidly reduce your risk exposure from the vantage point of a clear user-interface and a clear mind.

IT Manager

Security Assessment Cycle

  • IT managers get more work done faster

    Too many moving parts, not enough hands? With TOPIA, you can work confidently, knowing nothing will fall through the cracks. Our unique, risk-assessment platform empowers you to make security decisions faster using information you can rely on.

    Get more work done faster with TOPIA’s powerful features. Analyze risk in real-time, automate security patches, and follow your team’s progress all from one dashboard. Keep an eye on the most critical assets and prioritize vulnerabilities with xTags and contextual software analysis.

    TOPIA is a platform you can trust to ensure you’re always secure with or without a patch.

  • CISOs make informed policy decisions and status reports based on hard facts

    With so many responsibilities and not enough resources, let TOPIA bear the burden. Take software risk management out of the equation with a detailed, bird’s-eye view of your organization’s security hygiene, empowering you to make informed policy decisions and status reports based on hard facts.

    TOPIA’s real-time insight into your organization enables your operations team to handle any revealed software risk based on CVE and contextual factors. TOPIA gives you the tools to follow your organization’s security policies, measure their effectiveness, and demonstrate your team’s value.

  • Partners cut down on time spent addressing vulnerabilities

    Clients need an immediate solution for risk reduction and accountability that covers all the bases without interrupting business as usual.

    TOPIA gives you trustworthy data to mitigate risks before the client has an issue.

    Once TOPIA analyzes and understands the contextual risk of each application within your client’s digital landscape, action can be taken to circumvent the discovered vulnerabilities quickly, efficiently, and without hassle.

    Our support team of highly proficient security engineers and professionals will help you solve your clients' problems. Go ahead and put those feet up!

  • TOPIA is powerful, yet affordable!

    TOPIA is a powerful, yet affordable, all-in-one vulnerability assessment platform that delivers results from day one. Want a rich report that shows your organization’s high-level security posture and hygiene in real-time? TOPIA continuously tracks and analyzes apps, assets, and operating systems to pinpoint where your organization is most vulnerable.

    Achieve cost reduction through streamlined workflow and efficient management of vulnerability priorities. Enable your teams to do more work in less time and with less hassle.

    TOPIA adjusts to your needs as your business grows, allowing your organization to remain secure as its digital landscape evolves.

  • IT Manager

  • CISO

  • Service Provider

  • Organization

#Top Features

TOPIA Offers

Network Scanner

App Threat Analysis.png

TOPIA’s Network Scanner feature gives you instant visibility into your organization’s network by allowing you to run a network scan with Nmap, the most popular network mapper, and vulnerability scanner, and turning the scan results into a visualized dashboard.

Asset Threat Analysis

Asset Based Threat Analysis.png

TOPIA's Asset Risk Analysis ranks the vulnerabilities of any deployed asset in your organization and scores them based on their level of analyzed risk and exposure.

Asset Inventory


Take control with TOPIA’s cloud-based, real-time visibility and get an exhaustive catalog of active servers and workstations. Accurate knowledge of your organization’s digital footprint is key for effective security control. It’s never been easier to manage assets at any scale.

Prioritization Mapping


TOPIA's Prioritization Mapping charts all vulnerabilities identified during analysis and prioritizes the biggest risks facing your organization's cyber infrastructure.

Patch Management


TOPIA’s Real-Time Patch Management gives you the flexibility to efficiently close security gaps at a moment’s notice or schedule patch installations for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems so you can continuously reduce your organizational risk posture.

Patchless Protection™


TOPIA's Patchless Protection™ deploys a force field around your most vulnerable assets using in-memory protection, ensuring you're always protected even when there's no patch or update available.



Save time and stress. Respond to threats and issues automatically. TOPIA’s Auto-Actions enable your organization to respond to threats efficiently while minimizing the work force required to reduce cybersecurity risk.

0-Day Detection


TOPIA’s 0-Day detection tool allows you to breathe easy and never get caught off guard. With predictive analysis, TOPIA tracks malware activity and predicts incoming attacks, empowering you to act, instead of react, to novel vulnerabilities. With over a thousand new vulnerabilities per month, it pays to be prepared.

Run Scripts


TOPIA’s run script ability gives you the flexibility to remotely implement and automate operational actions on your Windows, Linux and MacOS assets.

Recommended Action Engine

Recommended Action.png

TOPIA's Recommended Action Engine ensures you're always protected when a vulnerability is detected, allowing you to take quick action and minimize business risk.



There’s more to vulnerability management than just knowing a vulnerability exists. With TOPIA’s xTags mechanism, we create a real-time, contextually based report that highlights the largest threats so your infosec teams can confidently prioritize risk remediation. Know what matters most with xTags.

User & Team Management


Empower your IT and cybersecurity teams with TOPIA’s user management. Easily add, create, and manage operations, teams, and stakeholders all from a single dashboard.


Visibility and Remediation

TOPIA detects all of your software and assets with one light yet powerful agent. Analyze and protect third-party, legacy, unsupported, or even proprietary and niche applications for vulnerabilities without any official CVEs.


Start Closing Security Gaps

  • Risk reduction from Day 1
  • Fast set-up and deployment
  • Unified platform
  • Full-featured 30-day trial