Continuously predict threats, prevent attacks and mitigate business risk.

Leveraging deep machine learning, TOPIA’s proprietary cloud-based vulnerability assessment algorithms continuously work to predict and prevent software exposures.

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The Security Cycle

  • Insight

    Too many moving parts, not enough eyes? TOPIA is an internal risk-assessment platform that learns the importance of your organization's assets as it goes, continuously providing security patching and protecting your most critical assets.

  • Efficiency

    The times of manual security patching are over. TOPIA helps you get more done faster with real-time risk analysis, auto security patching and efficiency reports on your team's performance and progress.

  • Protection

    Finding the right security patch takes time, but meanwhile you still need protection. TOPIA's xTags prioritize vulnerabilities using contextual scoring, targeting your most critical threats first. If a security patch isn't available, TOPIA ensure you're always secure.

  • Oversight

    Keeping everyone on the same page is no simple feat. Easily deliver instant results and efficiency reports to your team, so everyone understands the who, the how, and the when of any threat you're facing.

  • Insight

    Are you paying for pricey VM solutions that fail to deliver? TOPIA is an affordable, real-time, context-aware solution that provides continuous assessment of your cybersecurity posture and hygiene.

  • Efficiency

    To defend against cyber-threats, you need to catch them early enough to act. That's why you have to work efficiently, maximizing resources and minimizing output. TOPIA vaccinates threats with the click of a button to make your organization safer –– faster.

  • Protection

    Vulnerable software is exploitable. Business operations are disrupted, revenues affected, and the overall cyber health of the company jeapordized. TOPIA streamlines cyber operations and creates a resilient cyber infrastructure.

  • Oversight

    Too many moving parts, not enough eyes? Business risk is dynamic, but up until now its security has been a static snapshot. TOPIA is an internal risk-assessment platform that learns the importance of your organization's most critical assets as it goes.

  • Insight

    Are you still running manual VA scans on client computers? TOPIA independently runs scheduled scans, so you don't have to deal with staff scheduling and access issues ever again.

  • Efficiency

    Incident response time is labor-consuming. TOPIA's Dynamic Grouping allows you to understand specific problems on each client's network and mitigate threats with the click of a button.

  • Protection

    Ever have an angry client call because a patch broke something on their network? TOPIA has the ability to roll out extensive security patch updates, and then roll them back in case something breaks.

  • Oversight

    TOPIA continuously tracks and measures organizational risk and compares it to risk-reduction methods implemented over time, so your value to clients is never in doubt.

  • Insight

    Too many tasks and not enough time? TOPIA takes software risk management out of the equation with a top-down view of your organization's cyber posture.

  • Efficiency

    Get more done faster with TOPIA's real-time vulnerability insights that help you prioritize threats based on CVE and contextual risk severity, all from the comfort of a single dashboard.

  • Protection

    To patch, or not to patch! That's the never-ending debate. Now you can stay secure and safe, even when you're vulnerable with TOPIA Patchless Protection.

  • Oversight

    Going back and forth with your team and the board over status reports is hard work, but is it efficient? TOPIA allows you to track remediation efficiency over time.

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TOPIA Features


Software Threat Analysis

TOPIA's Software Threat Analysis tool runs a binary analysis of all active third-party software to identify high-risk vulnerabilities, including zero-day attacks and CVE threats.


Prioritization Mapping

TOPIA's Prioritization Mapping maps all vulnerabilities identified during analysis and prioritizes the biggest risks facing your organization's cybersecurity.


Security Patch Management

TOPIA's Real-Time Patch Management gives you the power to close patching gaps in your network on a moment's notice with quick and easy patch deployment.


Patchless Protection™

TOPIA's Patchless Protection™ deploys a force field around your most vulnerable assets using in-memory protection, ensuring you're always protected even when there's no vendor patch available.


Asset Threat Analysis

TOPIA's Asset Risk Analysis ranks the vulnerability of every software, operating system and asset in your organization based on their threat and exposure risk level.


Recommended Action Engine

TOPIA's Recommended Action Engine ensures you're always protected when a vulnerability is detected, allowing you to take quick action and minimize business risk.


Simplified Vulnerability Management

Protect thousands of software and assets using one powerful platform. TOPIA is the first vulnerability management platform to bring your team and tools together all under one roof.

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