Patchless Protection

Beat the patch gap and stay protected with or without a security patch.

Keep your high-risk and vulnerable apps secure even when a patch has not been developed or deployed. If flaws are published before the vendor can fix it, this may allow attackers to break into systems in the meantime. With TOPIA’s Patchless Protection, we enshroud vulnerable applications within a force-field that keeps them secure until the next patch has been prepared, tested, and deployed.

  • No Patch

    Sometimes a patch doesn't exist for a known vulnerability because one isn't yet available. What we offer is a way to stay secure and protected until a patch is published. This is how we close the gap, so you can breathe easy.

  • No Problem!



Patch Cycle

  • CVE Detected
  • Patch Released
  • Patch Tested
  • Patch Deployed
  • No Problem!

Patchless Protection Use cases

Security Between Disclosure and Patch


Unfortunately, in some cases vendors do not fix reported vulnerabilities in a timely manner, or they may not fix them at all. The time between vulnerability disclosures and their patches is uncertain at the very least. A vulnerability could be exploited long before a patch is available. This lapse in security is a critical risk that can lead to loss of money, time, reliability, and getting back to business-as-usual.

Sensitive Assets


Sometimes you can’t just restart a certain asset. It might be absolutely essential to your business, and that shutdown could take precious man-hours, lose income, and expose your digital-landscape to critical threats. So, what do you do? Go Patch-Less with TOPIA.

Weeks Until the Next Patch Cycle


We all know there’s a set schedule to patch cycles – maybe once or twice a month. The problem is that 12% of vulnerabilities are exploited within a week of the patch’s release, which leaves an obvious hole in software security. With TOPIA, once you know there’s a vulnerability, you can stay secure with Patchless Protection™ until the next patch deployment cycle.

Unapproved Patch


Any organization that’s been through a few patch cycles won’t immediately deploy a patch. It might not work. It might lead to crush down and other problems. It might render essential software and assets unusable. Let TOPIA protect your business when a new patch hasn’t been tested. Keep your business protected with Patchless Protection™ until you know the next patch is secure.

Exploit Attempt


You just got informed that an exploit attempt was made on a specific application. With TOPIA, there isn’t any reason to start sweating. Deploy a force-field around that high-risk application until your team can resolve the issue.

Legacy or Unsupported Apps


Because of our innovative way of understanding the needs of each business and their digital landscape, we understand that some applications aren’t supported outside of their specific infrastructure. This doesn’t mean these legacy applications aren’t vulnerable as well. TOPIA allows businesses to protect unsupported applications from known and unknown threats with Patchless Protection™


How does it Work

Patchless protection is a multi-layered security mechanism which, upon the configured policy, secures the executable of the vulnerable software and the related binaries. This is achieved both by securing the memory space of the vulnerable software from any injection/scraping related attempts and also by securing the vulnerable functions in-memory. The in-memory protection uses state-of-the-art dynamic binary instrumentation (DBI) technology that tracks the vulnerable functions upon loading to the memory space of the vulnerable asset – then, upon exploitation, the implemented code either notifies the admin or blocks the system call in memory (subject to configuration). -

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