By David Parkinson Frost
Aug 11, 2022

August Patch Tuesday with Captain P@tches Hook

Retired CISO and Scourge of the Seven Seas Captain P@tches Hook joins David Parkinson Frost at the desk to dissect Microsoft's August updates. #infosec #microsoft #CVE-2022-34713 #CVE-2022-30133 #patchtuesday
Aug 04, 2022

TOPIA | A One-Stop Shop For All Your Vulnerability Needs

Follow along in this tutorial as we show you how to reduce the risk in your environment with simple and straightforward actions (oh, and there's some automation too!). With TOPIA, vulnerability assessment, prioritization, and remediation takes less time, is less hassle, and increases the lifespan of CISOs by 10 years. Start your free trial today https://www.vicarius.io/sign/up
By Ben Skelly
Aug 03, 2022

Going Beyond Compliance with Effective Vulnerability Management

Let's be real: Compliance frameworks suck... at least if you're managing them the old way. Achieving compliance is expensive and time-consuming, and the regulations are constantly changing -- often lagging behind the rapid innovation in how we do business today. The fact is, most security controls simply fail to achieve compliance regulation effectively and sensibly. But that doesn't have to be the case. Compliance can be made easier through an immediate, proactive, and simplified vulnerability management process. To move the needle, we need to combine continuous discovery and continuous remediation. In this deep-dive webinar, we chat with Solution Architect Ryan Patton about the most prevalent compliance standards and the role an effective and mature vulnerability management program plays in each -- making everyone's life easier... and everyone's environment compliant. #vicarius_blog #infosec #webinar #compliance #vulnerabilitymanagement
By David Parkinson Frost
Jul 29, 2022

Happy Sysadmin Day

Captain P@tches Hook has a heartfelt message for all the weary sysadmins. #sysadmin
By Vicarius Cartoons
Jul 27, 2022

Fly with Vicarius!

When you fly Vicarius Airlines, you get: - automated patching - remote patching - patching from 35,000ft - peace of mind Welcome aboard 👩‍✈️✈️ #infosec #patching #ciso #cartoon #animation
By Ryan Patton
Jul 27, 2022

Making Compliance Suck Less

Almost all major compliance standards require the scanning and remediation of vulnerabilities. Yet, most traditional vulnerability management solutions leave security and IT teams with heavy burdens, resulting in large amounts of manual effort and slow time to mitigation. Vicarius streamlines this process, saving time and budget. #vicarius_blog #infosec #webinar #interview
By David Parkinson Frost
Jul 25, 2022

These GPS Trackers Can Do What Now?!

A half dozen vulnerabilities were discovered in the MiCODUS MV720 GPS trackers that could lead to life-altering consequences if exploited. David Parkinson Frost reports. #cybersecurity #vulnerabilities #CVE-2022-2107 #CVE-2022-2141 #CVE-2022-2199 #CVE-2022-34150 #CVE-2022-33944 @BitSight
By David Parkinson Frost
Jul 14, 2022

July Patch Tuesday with Captain P@tches Hook

Retired CISO Captain P@tches Hook returns to the Infosec Show to discuss the latest security updates coming from Microsoft this July. #infosec #microsoft #patchtuesday #CVE-2022-30216 #CVE-2022-22047 #vulnerability
By David Parkinson Frost
Jul 06, 2022

DogWalk Breakdown with Captain P@tches Hook

Retired CISO Captain P@tches Hook joins David Parkinson Frost for a look at a persnickety zero-day known as DogWalk. #zeroday #infosec #microsoft #vulnerabilitymanagement
Jun 30, 2022

Phantom of the Office Choreography

A group of hip hop dancers from Tbilisi bust out some high-energy moves to Lil CISO's latest single, "Phantom of the Office" #hiphop #hiphopmusic #hiphopdance #choreography #choreographer #freestyledance Follow Lil CISO on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2ORfGyyB4oCNXF0FeoV3I4
By David Parkinson Frost
Jun 16, 2022

June Patch Tuesday Updates; Internet Explorer Retires

Captain P@tches returns from the high seas! 🏴‍☠️ June Patch Tuesday updates, Follina, and a heartfelt farewell to Internet Explorer 😪🪦 #infosec #cve #zeroday #vulnerabilitymanagement #microsoft #patchtuesday #CVE-2022-30190 #CVE-2022-30136
By The Meme Bot
Jun 03, 2022

Building a Security Research Community

In this segment, Ben Skelly, Head of Growth at Vicarius, chats about the research initiative dubbed "vsociety" and the motivation behind starting a crowdsourced security community.
May 31, 2022

Lil CISO - Phantom of the Office (Official Lyric Video)

Follow along in this comic-book inspired lyric video of Lil CISO's latest track, "Phantom of the Office" #musicvideo #lyricvideo #hiphop #security #rap #cisos #securitypros Follow Lil CISO on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2ORfGyyB4oCNXF0FeoV3I4
May 29, 2022

Network Scanning With Nmap

Learn how to leverage the power of Nmap to get full network visibility and monitor the devices, systems, traffic, and applications that utilize your IT infrastructure. #nmap #nmap #network_scanning #TOPIA
May 24, 2022

Vicarius - TOPIA - Asset Groups Tutorial

In this tutorial, we show you how easy it is to group your assets and utilize the efficiency of Topia's patch management tools. #asset_group #TOPIA